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Factory of Furniture


Buenos Aires - Argentina


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The Best Guarantee in the Market


Is a family company with a successful trajectory based on 25 years of experience (in the area health) in local and international markets.

Our pillars are: Commitment with a quality toward our clients and a constant searching of excellence in our ergonomic designs of dentristry and hospital furniture.

Our system Multy-Dent ® is the result of the unification of

Demands made by Health Professionals:

- Biosecurity.

- Easy Hygiene.

- Robustness.

- Economy

- Quality.

- Environment Task Cozy (Systematic and harmony ergonométrica).

- Pleasant (advanced design).

We develop furniture with trendy designs, which combine multiple shapes and materials

All our products are carefully supervised in order to keep the bio-security and hygienic measures.

Our products are designed to fit in the environment and to solve the usual problems of order and space.


Our ergonomic innovative designs mark the tendencies in furniture for the dental clinics, medical clinics and homelike use; thanks to the experience in investigation, development of products and systems of our company.